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Introducing Aero Silk, our exclusive 3D laser-cut geometry patterned, nano-mesh performance fabric. Don't compromise with other neck gaiter fabrics.



  • Ultra Breathable
  • Quick Dry
  • Weightless
  • High Visibility
  • High Elasticity
  • Temperature Moderating
  • SP 30+ UV protection
  • Hypoallergenic



  • 3D Geometry Pattern
  • Laser-cut Nano-mesh
  • Seamed and Finished
  • Polyester Spandex
  • 100% Recycled
  • Gentle Machine Wash

Sports and Usage

  • Trail Running, Road Running, Marathons, Jogging, Cycling, Endurance Racing, Fishing, Golfing, Tennis, Beach Running
  • Ideal climate usage range: 0 to 20 degrees C (32 to 68 degrees F) at 30% humidity. 

Not like other face neck gaiters out there

There has been a proliferation of neck and face gaiters in the market that have claimed breath-ability and cooling properties. But the truth is, those products are made of inconsistent polyester and spandex combinations. Some brands even have inconsistencies in each separate unit they produce. Our fabrics are certified and quality-checked thoroughly to ensure a consistent fabric composition each time.

Finished and seamed

Many neck gaiters are unfinished pieces of tubular cloth. Don't accept this! Unfinished neck gaiters suffer from raveling and curling edges. This affects form and elasticity as you move. Our Aero Silk product is finished and seamed with advanced stitching methods that will keep the product where it belongs - up over your face!

Breath-ability on the move

Neck gaiters have been around forever, they are great for stationary users. But the moment we move, sweat and reach a certain heart rate, 95% of neck gaiters will fail an athlete. They will not dry fast enough and they will instead hamper breathing as they collect moisture and sweat.

Aero Silk was inspired by this problem. Aero Silk was created with the athlete in mind. Those that need to stay covered, but avoid the inconvenience of having to rip the gaiter off at peak performance.

Protect you from the elements

Neck and face gaiters are helpful in blocking harmful sun and UV. They also help filter out pollution such as dust and pollen. If you're a serious mover outdoors, this product is for you.


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