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An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Running

on July 24, 2020
Running is an effective exercise that can build stronger bones and improve cardiovascular performance, quickly contributing to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

But surprisingly, most people only have a vague understanding of running as an athletic activity. More often than not, people actually need to master the basics first. But, after mastering the basics of running, there are wonders to discover in this versatile, convenient, and often life-long activity.

If you’ve thought about running and don’t know where to begin, then this is the right place for you to get started.

How to start running – Some Important Tips

Before lacing your running shoes for tracking down miles, you first need to recognize your own stamina, weight goals, and nutritional status. These are mandatory things to check before jumping headlong into a running plan. We’ll detail a nutritional plan in this blog series that will help you understand how to fuel your body for running.

Start Slow but Steady

Avoid launching into a running plan vigorously, as your body needs time to adapt to abrupt changes. A structured approach works best: slowly and steadily. Start with a regular walk, then gradually increase the intensity and distance. This way, you can stick to a plan for an extended period. Running is a lifestyle, ease into it and prepare for the long game. This series will detail some running plans that will get you started, the right way.

Listen to your body

Running isn’t necessarily confined to a specific age group. You can continue your running lifestyle into your twilight years if you still enjoy it and as long as you evolve with your body’s changing needs. A runner in their 20s will demand different maintenance routines for rest, rolling and stretching to that of someone in their 70s.

As you age, injuries become more common and as you increase miles, the most important thing is to listen to your body. Just like so many things in life, your running lifestyle is a marathon – literally and figuratively! This blog series will detail rest and maintenance routines that will help prevent injuries and improve your performance as you start out.

Running as a reward

A prolonged running lifestyle is born from consistency and discipline. It’s also about challenging yourself daily and testing your limits. Running can be gruelling and difficult to keep up. It demands physical and mental exertion. Even more taxing, for a busy lifestyle, is the time it demands. But all of this can be overcome with the right mental perspective.

To really stick to it, it’s important to understand the psychology of personal reward. We tend to stick to things that we enjoy and view as pleasurable and rewarding. It’s important to apply this to running as you start out.

“Going for a run”? Try and think of it as a reward for the stressful day at the office ahead. A prize for the busy schedule you just overcame, handling the kids at home. A trinket for that deadline you just met.

Avoid pushing yourself to absolute exhaustion. Not only will it guard against injury, but avoiding exhaustion will feed into this mentality of reward. Consistency over intensity, that is the game of longevity.

Equip yourself with the right gear

There are a number of essential items for a serious runner. The most obvious one being high performance running shoes and season-appropriate apparel.  For women, there are important accessories such as the right sports bra, which can mean everything to a comfortable run. In our upcoming blog “The 10 essential things you need to start running” you’ll find useful information on what you’ll need to start out.

Look good. Feel good. Perform.

One underestimated aspect of your running gear is how it makes you “feel”. How you feel is often associated with how you perceive yourself. How you perceive yourself will usually affect how you perform. Your gear and apparel should be an extension of you. Look good, feel good, run well. Our running blog series will delve into what that means in subsequent weeks.

Just Start

“I really regret that run.” said nobody… ever.

Start slow, build up to it, know your limits, listen to your body, reward yourself, and don’t be afraid to invest in the right gear. Don’t be shy about looking good. Looking good is feeling good. Feeling good is performing at your best.

We hope to be with you on this journey, as we chronicle our running blog series here at Gaiterrilla.

Move With Us!


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